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Power$mart Businesses Participant Agreement

Download the printable Participant Agreement Form (PDF)


The Department of Premier and Cabinet’s Tasmanian Climate Change Office (TCCO) has established Power$mart Businesses to help Tasmanian businesses find ways to reduce their energy costs.

Participating businesses will receive a personalised energy efficiency audit of their business operations and a report with recommended changes that the business may choose to implement to help to reduce energy use.

The TCCO has appointed a panel of suitably qualified energy efficiency auditors to deliver the audits.

Roles and Responsibilities

The TCCO is responsible for:

  • appointing a panel of suitably qualified energy efficiency auditors;
  • assessing the eligibility of applications from businesses seeking to participate in Power$mart Businesses;
  • seeking quotations from energy efficiency auditors to determine the scope and cost of undertaking an energy efficiency audit for participating businesses;
  • assessing the quotations received and recommending a quotation that best suits the needs and circumstances of the individual business, and represents value for money;
  • formally engaging the auditor to undertake the energy efficiency audit and receiving the draft and final audit report;
  • directly managing all payments to the appointed energy efficiency auditor; and
  • keeping all personal and commercial information provided by potential applicants confidential.

By signing this Participant Agreement Form, you agree to:

  • participate in Power$mart Businesses;
  • accept the quotation recommended by TCCO;
  • pay a contribution equal to 30 per cent of the total cost of the energy efficiency audit;
  • consent to your contact details being shared with the appointed auditor;
  • directly liaise with the appointed auditor to arrange a suitable time for the auditor to undertake the energy efficiency audit at your business premises;
  • making yourself, or a suitably knowledgeable employee, available to be present at your business premises during the energy audit; and
  • acknowledge that it is your decision to implement the recommendations contained within the final audit report and that this will be at your cost.

Use of your image

By participating in Power$mart Businesses, we may request permission to use photographs of you and/or your business in Tasmanian Government print publications, display materials and on government agency websites to promote a range of initiatives and whole-of-government programs.

If we wish to use an image of you from Power$mart Businesses, we will seek your permission and ask you to sign a form to acknowledge the use of your image.


Any personal or commercial information that the Department of Premier and Cabinet collects about you will be managed in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act 2004. You may request access to your personal information
record from DPAC either by email to or mail to GPO Box 123, Hobart TAS 7001.


1. Confirm your participation

If you agree with the quotation and the energy efficiency auditor recommended by TCCO and wish to confirm your participation in Power$mart Businesses, please complete and sign this form (PDF) and send it to TCCO by email to or by mail to GPO Box 123, Hobart TAS 7001.

If you do not agree with the quote or the energy efficiency auditor recommended by TCCO, please contact us to discuss your concerns. We will work through this process with you to obtain a quotation that you are satisfied with.

2. Agreement received

Once we receive your signed Participant Agreement Form, we will send you an invoice for payment of 30 per cent of the total cost of the energy efficiency audit, as specified in the quotation.

3. Payment received

When TCCO receives your 30 per cent payment, we will engage the energy efficiency auditor and provide your contact details to the auditor for the purpose of conducting the audit of your business.

4. Audit completed

Once the energy efficiency auditor has completed the audit they will submit a draft report to TCCO, which we will forward for your review. You will then have the opportunity to provide any comments back to TCCO. We will also review the draft report and collate all comments for the energy efficiency auditor to include in the final report.

Download the printable Participant Agreement Form (PDF)