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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Climate risks and opportunities

Tasmania's climate is already changing, and the latest Australian climate change projections from the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO show how the climate is expected to change over the coming decades. The projections for Tasmania are:

  • Average temperatures will continue to rise
  • Less rainfall in winter and spring
  • More hot days and fewer frosts
  • More extreme rainfall events
  • Harsher bushfire weather, and
  • Mean sea level will continue to rise.

Learn more about climate data and the impacts of climate change.

A changing climate will present both risks and opportunities for Tasmania. It is important that we take action to adapt and reduce our vulnerability as well as take advantage of any opportunities.

Climate research grants program

The Climate Research Grants Program funds climate research projects that help us better understand Tasmania’s future climate, so we can prepare our businesses and communities. Learn more about the projects funded by the grants program.

Climate change and health

Understanding the potential health impacts of climate change is important so we can build community resilience. Some of the risks to our health from a changing climate include increased frequency and severity of natural disasters such as bushfires or floods; increased air pollution and pollen; and mental health challenges from displacement and migration.

Learn more about climate change and health on the Public Health Services website.

Adaptation projects