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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Reducing our transport emissions

This priority area aims to reduce transport emissions by promoting the uptake of electric vehicles and alternative forms of transport, and optimising the use of existing vehicles.






(in progress, nearing completion, complete or ongoing)


Assess potential approaches for a market-led statewide rollout of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and work with local government, businesses and industry to improve charging network infrastructure in Tasmania

Expected completion FY 2019-20


The Electric Vehicle ChargeSmart Grants Program has provided over $500,000 in grant funding to expand the rollout of a statewide electric vehicle charging network for local users and visitors.

This funding supports both fast chargers, which enable electric vehicle users to charge promptly to complete longer routes or return journeys, and destination chargers, which provide a slower rate of charge and are suited to destinations where electric vehicles are typically parked for an hour or more.

Fast charging grants of up to $50,000 have been provided to seven organisations to install a total of 14 Direct Current (DC) fast charging stations at 12 locations across the State.

Destination charging grants of $2,500 have been provided to 11 organisations to install Alternating Current (AC) electric vehicle charging stations.

The charging infrastructure supported through this grants program is due to installed by mid-2020.

Nearing completion


Establish an electric vehicle working group to identify barriers, issues and opportunities, and provide advice to the Tasmanian Government on the development of a coordinated approach to support the uptake of electric vehicles in Tasmania

Expected completion FY 2018-19


The Tasmanian Government Electric Vehicle Working Group was established in October 2017. The Working Group continues to bring together key partners to develop a coordinated approach to support the uptake of electric vehicles in Tasmania. The Working Group is also identifying and progressing priority areas of action to support electric vehicle uptake; and identifying and exploring barriers to electric vehicle uptake.



Extend the Smarter Fleets program to improve the efficiency of heavy vehicle fleets and additional light vehicle fleets

Expected completion FY 2019-20


The Tasmanian Government’s Smarter Fleets Program aims to reduce vehicle fleet greenhouse gas emissions and fuel costs by providing tailored guidance and support to fleet managers.

The Smarter Fleets Program - Heavy Vehicles is supporting six heavy vehicle fleets in Tasmania to improve efficiency, reduce fuel expenditure and carbon emissions and to consider alternative technology, including hydrogen and electric vehicles.

The Smarter Fleets Program Electric Vehicles in Local Government is supporting nine Tasmanian councils to prepare to introduce electric vehicles in to their fleets. The Program includes an analysis of the existing fleet to calculate the environmental benefit and cost reductions that electric vehicles can offer.

In progress


Support public transport uptake through improved service provision and use of planning tools to align developments with effective public transport networks


State Growth

The Tasmanian Government has made significant progress on implementing a new public transport network aimed at providing better access to employment, education and services, and the overall connectivity of Tasmanians.

Progress to date includes improving bus services to Sorell, Margate, New Norfolk, Huonville and the West Coast. There are some positive early indications that the changes introduced in the South are increasing bus services patronage. The remaining rollout of the new network will occur during FY 2019–20.



Improve the efficiency of the Tasmanian Government transport fleet by extending the Smarter Fleets program, reviewing the Green Vehicle Guide minimum standards, and identifying and addressing barriers to the uptake of electric vehicles in the Government fleet



The Smarter Fleets Program – Electric Vehicles in the Tasmanian Government is supporting Tasmanian Government agencies to prepare to integrate electric vehicles in their fleets. The Program will identify barriers and appropriate practical solutions to electric vehicle uptake, and work with agencies to develop an effective plan and build commitment to integrate electric vehicles into their fleets to achieve financial and environmental goals.